We have the solution for you!

We have the solution for you!

Leave the car in the garage and sign up for CO2Run, the virtual spring marathon of Districts 2090 and 2042.

Make your heart beat for the environment!

Whether you decide to walk, run or cycle, every kilometer traveled will contribute to our environmental cause.

Just think, even if you drive a single kilometer in your car, you will defeat the work of a tree.


Sign up for the competition, your fee will be donated entirely to the Rotary Foundation, download the APP and participate in the competition.

The kilometers traveled by all participants will be added together and will help to reduce CO2 emissions



Our cars emit thousands of tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) every day. It is responsible for the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere that involves global warming and all related environmental disasters.

Each of us can make a contribution: we leave the car in the garage, we choose public transport.

CO2 is constantly captured by plants but it is not enough

Our car produces the same amount of CO2 captured by a large tree in a whole day in just one kilometer traveled